About Deanna Gnage, LMSW

Welcome! I’m Deanna Gnage, LMSW, a Social Worker and Counselor who passionately loves to work with the issues surrounding children and women. These 2 populations evoke the strongest reaction due to their vulnerability and my membership in them. I distinctly remember what it was like to grow up with little power and much trauma. I have consistently and authentically worked throughout my own adulthood to tackle the maladaptive thoughts one adopts as a child in turmoil; embrace and set healthy new boundaries; rid myself of perfectionism, and eradicate the remnants of shame that wound their way around my soul. I am a determined overcomer. I am also a Christian who believes that God takes every obstacle in our lives, allows it to shape us, and uses it for his glory and purpose in our lives. I was created to be a social worker, advocate, and agent of empowerment.

I currently work in the school system supporting children with Play Therapy, resource referrals, and teaching personal safety and social skills. I have also spent almost 3 years working in Family Counseling in conjunction with a school system. Further, my work with women has been accomplished through a wide expanse of opportunities. These experiences include setting up Women’s Ministries, facilitating women’s bible studies and outreaches, and co-counseling with my Pastor husband. I also co-facilitated a teen outreach for at-risk youths that offered meals, counseling, activities, and bible studies. Currently, I am facilitating a group for women called “Connections” in order to bring women into a deeper relationship with each other and God. Topics of personality type, shame, and personal boundaries will be overarching themes. Too many women carry histories and dialogues of shame and exhaustedly seek out healthier boundaries with which to navigate their lives.

I am the mother of three and a grandmother of five. I love to spend time reading, sewing, quilting, kayaking, climbing trees, riding motorcycles, and relating to other women.

It is my hope and prayer that you come away from my writings with a sense of seeing your innate worth in who and what God made you to be. Your worth is not wrapped up in what you do but in just being YOU. Lose the shame. Capture and change your thoughts. Say “no” to those things that are just performance based to please other people. Identify your gifts, your dreams, your passions. Become a more whole but authentic person.

My life is a tribute to God’s sovereignty.  He has taken a very frightened, shy little red-headed girl born into alcoholism, poverty, legalism, and hopelessness and transformed her into someone of worth.  This blog is an exploration of the factors and roadblocks that can cripple an individual and the techniques and responses that won’t allow dysfunction, shame, and futility to prevail.  It is a vulnerable and sincere account of how God works with this sassy little Irish girl and what gifts he has given me that I might share with you.  Hold on for the ride……..I promise this excursion won’t be devoid of frustrations, failures, and pitfalls, but it will be an honest vignette of God’s faithfulness, grace, and goodness.