Cara Mia



I have this beautiful friend. We delight in deep, spiritual and personal discussions. We also revel in pure joy when we are having our adventures, seeking how to bless others, or just speaking the love language of affirmation that we both share. But this friend displays another attribute which I value greatly. She has the ability to just be.


I am an affirmed introvert. Many of you say that I fool you because I am often displaying extroverted characteristics. I care deeply about people and I want them to feel loved, encouraged, and affirmed. That is what motivates me to reach out to you before you reach out to me. But when I am devoid of energy I don’t want to talk. Most people don’t know what to do with that and either stay away or endlessly continue to talk at me. Not my friend. She has the ability to just sit by me and let me be quiet. And in her presence, I know that I am loved and accepted, no matter what mood or state I am in. There is a beautiful quiet and loveliness about her friend presence.


I find this same peace in God. Sometimes I chatter and talk to Him about all the things I want Him to know and take care of and thank Him for. We plan our adventures, and how we’re going to to bless others, and speak our love language of affirmation. Other times, when I am devoid of words and animation, I just sit by Him quietly. He doesn’t talk at me. He doesn’t reject me. He doesn’t even mind that I am quiet. For you see, He made me this way, in His great wisdom and desire for diversity. He delights in us just being in each other’s presence and basking in each other’s love.


This relationship seems much like I’ve read about the Garden of Eden. Moment by moment, God looked down from the Heavens and saw what His beloved new creations were doing. But more often than not, He was found walking with His beloveds, Adam and Eve, in the Garden. Simply being. Side by side. Just delighting in each other’s presence.


So stop being driven to talk all the time. Just stop. Stop talking, stop doing, stop performing. Just be. Simply delight in being in the presence of our Great God. He wanted me to remind you.


2 thoughts on “Cara Mia

  1. What a beautiful message. I feel exactly the same way about wanting to be there for others but needing my space. I sometimes worry that I won’t live up to others’ expectations in person, because I seem extroverted on line. You reminded me that it’s ok to be me and need what I need.

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    • The fact is, that for many, we won’t live up to their unrealistic expectations . But as you and I both know, that is really about them and their insecurities and inability to unconditionally love. The real challenge for us is to learn to be okay with knowing that there will always be some who are unimpressed with us. That is the trajectory that I’m on and I think we’ll both get there! Thank you for your lovely and transparent feedback! xoxo


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