I’d Give Anything



With exasperation, I pull the sopping wet shower curtain closed.


Why can’t he ever remember to close it? He always leaves it for me.

And then I think……

What if something happened to my beloved?

And he weren’t here anymore…..

I’d give anything to close that shower curtain one more time for him.





As a young mother, I groggily awakened to the sound of my wailing infant.

Three times in the night I answered my baby’s call for comfort and food.

When will I ever get a full night’s rest again? The sacrifice is endless.

And yet, what if something happened to my child?

And she weren’t here anymore……

I’d give anything to roll out of bed and hear that sweet sound of life

whimpering for me in the darkness one more time.



car accident


My adult child calls me from a Police Detention lockup with his first DUI.

I’ve raised that child to walk with the Lord, make wise decisions, and see

the pitfalls of alcohol.

When will this man child ever grow in wisdom and forego numbing himself?

And yet, what if he had died when his car rolled into the ditch?

And he weren’t here anymore…….

I’d give anything to see his endearing face, and to hug him again, whether it was

behind bars or not.




In the presence of my aging parents, I still find myself feeling small, unimportant,

and without a voice.

They wanted sons, perfection, and for me to parent them.

Long ago, I forgave them and made peace with the incongruency.

And yet, what will I feel at the moment when their time comes?

And they aren’t here anymore………….

I’d give anything to see their beloved faces again, and to tell them it’s okay.

They did the best they knew how.


standing before God


Our lives are full of frustrations, annoyances, and discomfort.

In our human frailty, our relationships are fraught with error, omissions, and


When will I ever remember to give grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love?

And yet, what will I feel when my day comes?

And I stand before God………..

I’ll give anything to tell my beloveds that it was all so petty and insignificant.

This mortal life wasn’t what it was all about.

So thank goodness for a Savior who gave EVERYTHING for us to be with him forever!



***Deanna M. Gnage, LMSW, 2017.  

(Poetic license was taken with descriptions of the “adult child.”  My son never had this situation occur with him.  It was written to generalize the disappointments all parents encounter when their children make mistakes but still need grace and forgiveness.)


2 thoughts on “I’d Give Anything

  1. I love love love this!! Beautiful and wonderful perspective. Thank you for that reminder. I wish I could carry it with me through every day.


    • Just think of something your husband does consistently that you find frustrating (not that he would EVER do something like that!). Fret about it for awhile…………there you got it!! Now you will carry it with you every day! LOL!

      Thank you for your kind words! ❤


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