I Want My Name to Be Remembered…..

I went to a 3-hour ethics seminar and arrived to find that my name wasn’t on any of their rosters. They looked under “G” and they looked under “N” but it wasn’t there. This meant that I would not receive a professionally printed certificate of completion which I need to keep my licensure. This bothered me quite a bit more than I would have thought. I registered for the event; sent in all the right information; jumped through all the right hoops; completed all the right works. Why in the world did it irritate me when I still got the information I needed and received a handwritten, albeit messy, certificate with my name on it?

Later it dawned on me that I wanted my name and actions to matter. In the long term this event holds little importance. But what DOES matter is that my name is written in the Book of Life. Do I have to register for it, jump through hoops, send in money? No, my name is already written there for I accepted an invitation from a loving God. He will walk with me as I live my life and work with me to learn the things that are important for me to know. But it can’t be taken away. My name IS important and it is written in the most important of rosters. And this I can rest in.



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