Shirking Responsibility



If you are female….you are most likely carrying too much and especially at this time of year.

I walked into school the other day with a teacher that poured out her concerns and responsibilities all the way from our cars until we welcomed the children. I finally gently shared with her a secret that I had learned from a wonderful Christian lady many years ago. I haven’t learned to do this perfectly and sometimes when I’ve forgotten it for awhile it hits me like a cold snowball on my cheek and I can’t figure out why I lost my way. It takes faith. And it takes letting go. This is awfully hard for women to do. For you see we have a mental list going through our heads from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night. If we don’t accomplish what we think we need or “should” do then we can’t engage in relationships with our loved ones and often, we can’t sleep.

The simple technique that my sweet friend taught me was that each morning as I’m praying I need to commit my day into God’s hands. Too simple? Now it is His responsibility. It always was. But somehow I thought it was mine to accomplish a million tasks and save the world! No, it is His life I live and I walk in His desires for my life. After I’ve committed my day into His hands, then I know that I will talk and encourage the people He means for me to reach, I will accomplish the responsibilities that I need to be accountable for, and I will love on those that need my presence. Now, there are no more “shoulds.” If I don’t accomplish something…..”oh, well!” In the scheme of life it is all vanity anyway.

Now, go enjoy your day and be relieved of so many burdens!

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