Overcoming Social Anxiety

women talking

For many of us introverts, we once struggled with shyness and social interaction. However, introversion and shyness do NOT go hand-in-hand. They are 2 different personality traits. And yet, because of how we process social stimulation, introverts can more readily be given to social anxiety. Introverts also have less patience for small talk despite it’s necessity, and view it as a shallow endeavor. Social anxiety is really an expression of fear. God has been faithfully working for years to vanquish this stronghold out of my personality. I still say that I am “shyly motivated” but a desire to make sure that no one ever feels excluded or unloved drives me. My natural giftings take over when I take my mind off myself and focus on the well-being of others. Do I ever feel awkward? All the time. But you will hear me embrace my awkwardness and laugh at it. And what I have learned, and what this article admits is that the secret to engaging banter isn’t about a perfect conversational formula…….it’s about putting yourself out there; being sincere, open, and vulnerable in your desire to connect with others. Try it. It has opened up a whole new world.  


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