How Do I Know What I’m Created to Do?

Melissa and I

At the age of 32, I still had received very little validation of  who I was or what I was created to do.  A Christian friend of mine presented me with this poem one day and I believe it was a word from God.  In the years since, God has steadily directed me towards understanding my spiritual gifts and learning what I was created to do.  But it was never a clear, laid-out vision of the steps I was to take or the course I was to pursue.  Instead, I figuratively walked on water at each and every crossroads.  When I became overwhelmed by the obstacles, and dubious that I had any real gifts, this prophetic verse reassured me that at the very least, I was created to be a conduit of God’s love.

A Special Gift

One day the Creator

decided to give the world a gift.

It would be a special gift to change people’s lives

and encourage His children.

It would bring hope

where discouragement reigned,

and love where bitterness ate people’s souls.

 It would bring Him glory.

 He planned carefully,

fashioning His gift with love,

for only the best would suffice.

And so, He created a child.

The Angels rejoiced and praised God

when they saw the tiny, perfectly formed babe.

 And yet… they were confused.

 How could one small child change the world?

 After all it was not the Christ child,

but merely human, mortal, vulnerable.

It would inevitably sin.

 It would be flawed.

So the Angels asked the Creator,

“How can this child bring you honor,

and help your people?”

 And the Creator answered,

“I have imbued this child

with a powerful spirit,

a healing spirit,


She will be filled with grace,

tenderly nurture the souls of others,

and be a conduit for my love.

She will be a light to others.”

 The Angels then asked,

“How is it she can bring so much to the world?

 She is only human and there are others

through whom you move and work.”

The Creator responded,

“You are right, there are others

who serve me well

and through whom I powerfully work.

But each manifests my grace

in different and special ways,

touching the hearts

and souls of different people.

This one will touch many lives,

many hearts in her own unique and creative way.”

 So the Angels smiled and asked,

“What will this child be called?”

And the Creator answered,



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